For You

Highly Scented and Luxuuuurious 100% Beeswax Melts
Made 100% for YOU!
For EVRY you. For EVRY mood.
Your candle makers favorite wax melt maker!
I ease your frustration from buying unscented "scented" wax products, while giving you confidence! Each beeswax melt has unique name that reflects YOU! Giving you the confidence to accept all the things that make you... you!
Did I mention they're handmade 100% for you... aaaand that they're 100% beeswax? Beeswax has numerous health benefits and is the most environmentally friendly candle making material, because it comes directly from nature!
Is to have a Highly Scented and Luxuuuurious 100% Beeswax Melt for EVRY you, for EVRY mood. Whether thats a Hippie today or a Hoochie yesterday!
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