International shipping?

-Yes. Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Local pick up or local delivery?

-Local pick up/ delivery is not available at the moment.

How many melts come in each package?

-Due to the different sizes and shapes of the melts, there is no set number of melts in each package. We put however many will fit in each package.

Here are approximates of how many melts you'll receive based off size:

  • small 2-4 melts
  • medium 5-10 melts
  • large 10+ melts

How long can I melt my melts?

-In an electric warmer (constant burn) your melts will last between 4-7 days depending on how much wax you melt. Using a tea candle warmer you can melt and remelt your melts until the scent is gone.

We hear a lot they last a week!

Will my Beeswax Melts melt in transit?

-No. Your wax melts have been tested to withstand hot transit days.

Do you sell warmers / burners? 

-Click here to purchase your warmer.

How do I use my melts and warmer / burner?

  1. Remove your Luxurious Beeswax Melts from the packaging   
  2. Place wax melts in the bowl on your warmer
  3. Light your tea candle and place it inside your warmer. If your warmer is electric, just plug it up.
  4.  Clean your warmer and add new a Luxurious Beeswax Melt when you can no longer smell the aroma while your wax is hot.

How do I clean my warmer / burner?

  1. If the wax in your warmer has hardened, warm up your warmer for a few (2-5) minutes allowing the wax to get soft. It should come out as a solid piece, or wipe with a paper towel.
  2. Put your warmer in the freezer for 5 minutes. Your wax should pop right out.
  3. If your wax is liquid, use a paper towel and carefully pour the hot wax into the trash or soak the hot wax up with a paper towel.

How do I store my melts?

-Store your melts in the cellophane bag you received them in. For long term storage it's best to put your melts in a glass jar, like a mason jar. Keep your melts in a dark, dry place like in a cabinet.

What is your favorite scent Hoochiemama?

  1. Winter Solstice
  2. Goddess Aura
  3. Aphrodisiac
  4. Blunt Slutz
  5. Butterfly Kisses

How do I subscribe?

-Click here to subscribe!

Do you have an affiliate program?

-Yes, sign up here!

Do you sell candles?

-Not at the moment.

Is this wax? (THC) 

-No, this is not a marijuana product.