About Me

I’m wearing that smile you gave me, and I’m here to give one back!

It’s your FAAAAV wax melt maker, Sônie! My pronouns are Her/ She and I’m here to talk a little bit about me!

In 2020 I abruptly quit my medical assisting job and started making candles. When I first started my business I was lost, I was confused and had not yet come up with the name, Hippie Hoochiemama! 

I’m a Las Vegas based Artist and Wax Melt Maker. That's right, I'm an artist too! My love for creativity runs deep. That, along with my frustration from buying unscented "scented" candles, led me to create my own wax products!

Believe it or not, making wax melts was a second thought for me. At first I was focused on making candles and wax melts were like my lil side bitch. The wax melts quickly became a high demand and you know I had to fill that demand!

I figured, if I’m frustrated from buying unscented “scented” wax products, then you probably were too! Each day that went by, a little piece of my business came together more and more! 

I create 100% Beeswax Melts, made 100% for you! Each scent has a unique name that reflects you, giving you the confidence to accept all the things that make you, you! Whether that’s a Hippie today or a Hoochie yesterday, there’s a 100% Beeswax Melt for you!

Discover what makes you you! One melt at a time🐝